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Order a SLK320 ecu, engine computer at a discount price. We stock all models and carry all years ranging from 2001 to 2004. Every SLK320 ecm we install is fully flash programmed2004 slk with your VIN and SLK320 transponder key info to guarantee a direct fit. To get an immediate price quote simply locate your SLK part number and match it with the correct one in the list below.


Prices And Part Numbers

2001 SLK320

A0305456032 $675
A1121531079 $675
A1121531279 $685


2002 SLK320 ECM

A0305456032 $675
A1121531079 $675
A1121531279 $685
A0275459332 $695

Year 2003 SLK320

A1121531079 $745
A1121531279 $745
A1121532779 $765
A1121533879 $785


A1121531079 $765
A1121531279 $785
A1121532779 $795
A1121533879 $775
A1121530179 $785
A1121533279 $785
A1121535779 $795

If your SLK part number is listed here then we should have the ecm in stock. All of our computers are blank so they will require software programming and key pairing. We can do all the programming on site but mercedes programming you will be required to send us your ignition key along with the defective ecm. There is an additional $100.00 charge for this service. The advantage of this service is that when you receive your new SLK320 engine computer it will be plug and play. You will be able to install it yourself. No dealer trips.


Part number not listed?

If you are unable to find your SLK320 ecm part number from our online catalog please ecm call us at 313-462-0124 9-5 Eastern time. There is a good chance we may have it although, it may not be available for online purchasing.

Our Website is updated weekly.

If you are in the Detroit Metro Area please come visit us at.

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