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ML320 Ecm

All of our 2003 ml320 engine computers come fully programmed to match your 2003 ml320OEM specs. Before shipping we program your vehicle Identification number, transponder key and other parameters into the new ML 320 ecm. This type of programming will allow the new ecm to communicate and work with your current ML security key.

ML320 year/ part number


2001 ML320

A1121530779 $585.00 A0305455832 $580.00 A1121533379 $595.00



2002 ML320 Ecm

A1121530779 $580.00 A1121530879 $595.00



2003 ML320

A1121530879 $595.00




A0255458632 $575.00 A0265456632 $565.00

1999 Ml320

A0235457132 $475.00 A0235450532 $475.00 A0235459732 $475.00


A0235457132 $475.00 A0255458632 $575.00 A0265456632 $565.00

How our ML320 service works.

In order to properly program a new ML320 ecu PN A1121530879 you will be required to send us the defective unit. The reason for this is so we can read and extract the program flash files & ML320 ecm software necessary for starting the vehicle. Once we gather all the bosch auto computer data required we then transfer everything over to the new ecm. When you receive your new programmed engine computer it will be plug and play. This will eliminate towing fees and over priced Mercedes dealers. If you can locate the defective ml320 ecm and remove it from your vehicle then you can probably do the entire job yourself. Feel free to call us at at 313-462-0124 with any questions you may have. If your ML 320 part number is listed above then we should have it in stock. If we don't have it in stock we can special order it. Send your defective ecu to

Ecu Technologies, 110 Premier Dr. RD, Orion MI 48359.


ML320 ecu
ecm computer auto 2003


ML320 Questions

If you have any questions about how our ML320 service works please call us at 313-462-0124 Mon - Fri 9AM -5PM eastern standard time. Thank you for your business and we'll look forward to replacing your ML320 ecm. Part number A1121530779