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Mercedes Benz OBD Fault Codes And ECU Malfunction Problems

The most common OBD fault codes that refer to an internal ECU engine computer malfunction.


mercedes fault codes internal ecu malfunction


Common Mercedes Benz faulty ECU codes read by an OBD scan tool.

Internal engine computer malfunction trouble codes

If you suspect that your Mercedes ECU engine control unit has failed then you may want to have the fault codes scanned by a technician. Any local auto part store can pull the Mercedes trouble codes very easily and the good news is that this service is usually offerred for free. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to diagnose a faulty Mercedes Benz engine computer. Even the best mechanics can have a difficult time trying to determine whether the ecm is bad or not. Thebad ecu reason for this is that the ecu or the brain of the vehicle has many functions and most mechanics will have a difficult time trying to pin point the exact failure unless they have a Mercedes wiring diagram that details the specific function of the internal circuits and pin out of the M.E.control unit. We see so many cases where the customer thinks he or she may have a bad sensor and so they replace the sensor, usually a mass air flow sensor, cam sensor , oxygen sensor or a crank shaft position sensor. In some cases all sensors will be replaced, and even major parts like the alternator, starter or ignition cylinder or coils. This can be a very costly mistake for the owner of the vehicle. What happens is the customer has the vehicle scanned and the fault codes that referred to a bad sensor were false. What a nightmare this can turn into.

The most common Mercedes fault codes that refer to a bad ecm ecu are:
U0100 No Communication with ECM/PCM/ECU
U0101 No Communication with TCM
U0102 No Communication with Transfer Case Control Module
U0103 No Communication with Gear Shift Module
U0104 No Communication with Engine Control Module
U0105 No Communication with Fuel Injector Control Module
B1235 Emissions sensor (B31)P2100 Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit/Open

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C1012 Battery Voltage High
C1020 CAN Communication Fault
C1021 CAN Communication With EA/CC/ISC Control Module Interrupted
C1024 CAN Communication With Engine Control Module Interrupted
C1025 CAN Communication BAS communication with ESP control unit
U0100 No Communication with ECM/PCM A
U0101 No Communication with TCM

B1000 Ecu malfunction

P0335  Crankshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Malfunction. BAD ECM