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If you plan on ordering a Mercedes engine computer from ECU Technologies we strongly recommend watching this video. The vehicle being serviced is a 2002 Mercedes Benz and most Mercedes ecm's are removed and installed in the same fashion. The engine computer is mounted in a vertical position and there are a total of 5 plugs that will have to be disconnected from the unit before it can be removed. This video covers 2001 to 2005 models. You will have to remove your control unit (ecu) and ship it to Ecu Technologies, 110 Premier Dr. RD, Orion, Michigan 48359. The reason we require your ecm is so that we can flash program the new unit properly. We have to read your software in order to program the new unit. Due to the sophistication of your Mercedes anti-theft system we will also require your ignition key to make sure the key is married to the new ecm. So be sure to send us your ignition key along with the ecu. If you are in the Detroit Metro area feel free to bring your vehicle in to our shop so that we can install the ecm correctly. If you have any questions about how our service works please call us 9-5 Eastern standard time.


How to remove a mercedes ecu ecm

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