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CLS500 CLS550 Ecu Replacement And Repair

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2004 -2010 CLS500 CLS550 Computer
CLS550 M.E. Control Unit Price list And Part Numbers
2006 CLS500 ECU A1131538679 = $875.00 USD
control unit
2006 CLS500 ECU A1131531091 $875.00

Programming the cls500 M.E. control unit and SCN coding is an an additional $90.00 . If you have the factory tools then we can ship the cls ecu blank and you can adapt / program it with Autologic or Xentry for Mercedes Benz. The Chinese clone version of Xentry will not work for cls500 SCN programming. This will require a license from Mercedes Benz. The Autologic scanner will also work for SCN coding but you will need the latest updates and the cls550 Mercedes software. Before you order a blank cls500 ecu make sure you have the proper scan tools first. If you don't have the scan tools and you want us to program your cls computer then we will need your original cls control unit so that we can transfer all of the information about your cls vin number and ignition key. Click here for Ecu Technologies address.

Also we offer cls car tuning services for more horsepower & torque.

2007 CLS500 ECU A2731535179 = $1275.00
CLS Programming to VIN and CLS SCN coding $90.00
2007 CLS550 ECU A2731530879 = $1275.00
cls ECM Programming $90.00
2008 CLS550 ECU A2731530879 = $1275.00
cls ECM Programming $90.00
CLS550 ECU # A2731536691 = $1275.00
cls ECM Programming $90.00
2006 CLS55 ECU A1131538779 = $1275.00
cls ECM Programming $90.00
2009 CLS550 ECM A2731531291 = $1275.00
cls ECM Programming $90.00
2006 CLS500 ECU A1131539679 = $875.00
CLS ECM SCN coding
2011 CLS550 A2739000200 ECM = $1275.00
CLS ECU SCN coding
2006 CLS500 A1131537079 ECU = $875.00
A1131537079 fully programmed and ready to install
CLS550 A2731535579 ECU = $1275.00
A2731535579 Control unit. A misfire on 1 or more cylinders is a good sign of a bad CLS550 ecu. Also bad coils can damage a good control unit ecm.