All of our CLK350 Control Units come fully programmed and ready to install. Locate the ecm part number to your vehicle then check for pricing here. If you see it listed then we should have it in stock. Any questions call 313-462-0124

2008 clk350 program


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2007 CLK350 Part Numbers

A2721533291 $1275



2008 CLK350

A2721536091 $1275



2009 CLK350

A2721531092 $1375




How our CLK350 ecm replacement service works.

In order to properly program a new clk350 M.E. control unit you may be required to send us the original unit. The reason for this is so we can properly program the newecm ecm. If you can not send in the original clk350 ecm then you will have to go to a Mercedes dealership for programming. In most cases, when you receive your new programmed control unit it will be very easy to install. If you have any questions about your CLK350 call us at 313-462-0124





If you have any questions about how our CLK350 replacement service works please call us at 313-462-0124 Mon - Fri 9AM -5PM eastern standard time. Thank you for your business andecm repair we'll look forward to replacing your CLK350 ecm.